Urban Nose/Jaw Face Protector Boxing Headgear

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  •  Designed to protect the student's nose & jaw
  •  Premium face-saver bar protection
  •  Lace top, Hook and Loop Back & Hook and Loop Chin Adjustable Sections
  •  Built for boxing sparring
  •  Made from Enduro material

Introducing the Urban Nose/Jaw Protector Headgear, your go-to solution for top-notch nose and jaw protection during intense sparring sessions.

This headgear features a robust face-saver bar that can be expertly molded to safeguard either your nose or jaw, providing tailored protection where you need it most.

But safety doesn't mean sacrificing vision. Our design ensures minimal vision loss, allowing you to stay sharp and vigilant, never missing a punch coming your way.

The Urban Nose/Jaw Protector Headgear is built with you in mind. With two headgear sizes and lace adjustability, as well as hook & loop sections for the jaw and rear, it's crafted to offer an optimal fit for the majority of head sizes.

If you're committed to safeguarding your nose and chin during sparring, this headgear is your ultimate choice.

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