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Urban Muay Thai Shin Pads: Slim-Fit Excellence for Sparring

The Urban Muay Thai Shin Pads offer the perfect slim-fit solution for Muay Thai sparring, allowing you to execute kicks with ease while maintaining protection in the heat of battle.

Key Features:

  • Slim Fit Design: Facilitates sneaky, efficient kicks.
  • Plush Inner Lining: Ensures comfort with rapid moisture and sweat wicking.
  • Neoprene Hook & Loop Straps: Keep the shin guards securely in place without needing frequent adjustments.

These features combine to deliver vital protection, making the Urban Muay Thai Shin Pads a reliable choice during sparring.

Enhanced Foot Guard:

Compared to the Urban MMA Shin Guards, the Urban Muay Thai Shin Pads boast a larger and thicker foot guard. This enhancement provides superior shock absorption for the top of the foot and sides of the ankle joint.

If you’re seeking a high-quality, slim-fitting, mid-priced shin guard, the Urban Muay Thai Shin Pads from Punch Equipment are an excellent choice.

Punchtex™ Material:

The shin pads are crafted from Punchtex™, a premium material designed for commercial mass applications. Pre-tested to outperform conventional leather by up to 10 times, Punchtex™ is backed by a Ltd Lifetime Warranty after a decade of being “Tested on Humans.” The warranty applies only to parts made from Punchtex™, covering splitting for the normal life of the product, excluding puncture and slash damage. Punchtex™ is a registered trademark used under license.

Elevate your sparring experience with the Urban Muay Thai Shin Pads – where comfort meets performance.