Morgan MMA Shorts

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The Morgan Competition MMA and X-Training shorts is crafted with a singular focus on the athlete. Featuring a double-layered lycra crotch and an encompassing lycra insert spanning the glute and thigh areas, these shorts provide effortless expansion and contraction, facilitating squats and leg kicks. Enhanced by high-split leg seams, they promote unrestricted movement. The T-belt waistband adds stability during training, ensuring your shorts stay securely in place during grappling sessions. Constructed from high-quality triple-stitched polyester fabric, these endurance-focused training shorts are engineered to elevate your performance.

Key Features:

  • Premium cross-training, MMA, and No-Gi training shorts.
  • Dual-layer lycra crotch panels with a wrap-around design for maximum leg and glute mobility.
  • Convenient mini internal pocket for small items like keys.
  • Sporting an innovative design with a double-layered lycra stretch crotch for added flexibility.