Morgan Alpha Series MMA Sparring Gloves

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Introducing the Alpha sparring gloves, designed with a premium injected foam that offers superior shock absorption for both the fighter and their opponent during sparring.

The gloves' shape is optimized for executing grappling techniques, making them perfect for MMA sparring. These grappling gloves are crafted to provide lightweight comfort, protection, and control for every fight, with a triple-layered shock resistance, excellent grip, and breathability.

The unique palm design ensures proper punching technique while protecting your hands from injury by correctly aligning your wrist with your fist. These MMA training gloves are made to last, built to withstand wear and tear, and provide wrist support through a large double wrap-around Velcro closure system.

With the Alpha MMA sparring gloves, fighters can spar confidently and safely, knowing they have the protection and support needed to perform at their best.

  • 7.5oz-8 oz padding  
  • Morgan Alpha sparring gloves are particularly suitable for regular MMA training.
  • High quality injected foam guarantees optimal shock absorption.  
  • Military grade double hook and loop Velcro for better wrist support.
  • Thumb attached to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Open palm.