Siam™ Supreme Duo Thai Pads

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  •  1.7mm Thick Elite Cowhide Leather
  •  Deep Chocolate Authentic Leather
  •  Engineered for Muay Thai training sessions
  •  Durable Double Straps
  •  Sold in Pairs
  •  Tested on Humans® for Muay Thai Kicks and Punches since 1989!

There is no end to the innovations we've dreamed up here at Punch Equipment®!

Our latest product, the Siam™ Supreme Duo Thai Pads, proves just how far we can push boundaries.

These hand-woven Thai pads are made for the most serious Muay Thai practitioners. They're crafted in Thailand with an expert eye towards durability and longevity. And for a little extra something special? Look out for those Siam days - these pads have elite cowhide leather so thick (1.7mm to be exact) you'll swear they were made back in olden times!